It is the year of 993. In Praha, the capital of Bohemia, the present-day Czech Republic, the Monastery brewery of st. Vojtech monks craft the very first beer from water, hops and malt. Little do they know they are laying the foundations of the Czech beer for centuries to come. With Praha 993, as you are traveling the same paths they did, enjoying the very best of the brewing tradition, craft and ingredients within a delicate beer of a present day.

993년의 일입니다. 현재 체코 공화국인 보헤미아의 수도 프라하에는 성 보이테흐 수도원이 있었고, 이곳의 양조장에서 수도사들이 물과 홉 그리고 맥아를 이용한 최초의 맥주를 만들었습니다. 이 최초의 맥주가 몇 세기 동안 꾸준히 사랑 받게 된 체코 맥주의 기원이 될 것임을 그때는 몰랐을 것입니다. 프라하 993은 이러한 수도사들이 고안한 최고의 전통 양조 방식을 계승하여 최고급 품질의 섬세한 맥주를 지금 당신에게 선사할 것입니다.



IPA ABV 6.0% / IBU 47

The IPA, the touchstone of all modern craft beers, is synonymous with lush hoppy flavors and tropical aromatics. It’s a strong beer that’s revered for its bold flavors and often consumed more sparingly than traditional beers on account of its bitterness. However, ours’ is the best of both worlds. It’s the Czech interpretation of an American IPA, making it lighter in body while remaining rich in flavor thanks to its insatiable herbal sweetness and crisp finish.

Pale Lager


Pale Lager 4.7% ABV / IBU 22

The beer that launched a thousand beers. Our Pale Lager is the epitome of traditional beer making culture in its purest form. From its translucent golden color to its crisp malty sweetness—there’s a reason why all great beers were once lagers, and all great lagers stand on Czech shoulders. Legacy is a virtue.



Milk Stout ABV 4.8 / IBU 23

This elegant, buttery dark beer is for those who enjoy drinking in the comfort of their thoughts—slow and deliberate. A style first popularized by English brewers, stouts have since become a craft staple due to their richly roasted flavor and creamy body. However, as a dark beer, stouts are often best drank in lower quantities on account of their richness, which is why we’ve brewed ours to have the body of a summer beer while still maintaining the chocolate-like sweetness stout lovers crave.



Wit 4.7% ABV / IBU 16

The original flavored beer; Witbier or “white beer” hails from the Dutch-speaking region of northern Belgium known as Flanders, and is named on account of the wheat used to create its cloudy blonde hue and honey-like aftertaste. Yet unlike its German counterpart, Weissbier, Belgian varieties are famed for their adoption of exotic ingredients such as dried fruits and herbs, and ours is no exception. In addition to following a traditional recipe, our Witbier is brewed using a mixture of coriander seeds and Jeju oranges, resulting in a savory citrus blend that’s as purifying as it is indulgent.

Praha 993 crafted flavours:

프라하 993 수제맥주 메뉴

      Pale lager is a regular golden to copper colored beer with 4,4% volume of alcohol (12°). The taste is full and strong with light undertones of bitterness. Praha 993 pale lager has a crispy almost biscuity flavour that pairs naturally with every dish you can think of.

    • 체코 클래식 수제 맥주

페일 라거는 보통 금빛에서 구리빛의 맥주로 알코올 함유율이 4.4% (12°) 입니다. 풍부하고 강한 맛을 내며 약간의 쓴맛을 함유하고 있습니다. 프라하 993의 페일 라거는 모든 음식과 잘 어우러지며 비스킷과 같은 바삭한 맛이 납니다.


    Dark lager is a classic deep dark color beer with 4,6% volume of alcohol (11°). The taste has a hint of sweet caramel flavour. Praha 993 dark beer goes well with a niche selection of food as the toasty accents complement savoury-meals and rich sauces.

  • 다크 카라멜 맥주

다크 라거는 클래식하고 깊은 다크 컬러의 맥주로 알코올 함유율은 4.6%입니다 (11°). 달콤한 캐러멜과 같은 맛을 가지고 있는 프라하 993 다크 비어는 짭짤한 요리 또는 진한 소스와 함께 멋진 식사를 완성시킬 수 있을 것입니다.


    The dark robust lager has a distinctive flavour that takes the smoky depth from the wood-smoked malt. Praha 993 smoked and porter beer has a savoury rich flavour that perfectly blends with anything from the grill.
  • 훈연과 포터 맥주

강렬한 다크 라거 맥주는 나무 훈연 맥아에서 나오는 스모키하고 깊은 독특한 풍미를 가지고 있습니다. 프라하 993의 훈연과 포터 맥주는 향긋하고 풍부한 맛을 선사하며 모든 구운 요리와 잘 어우러집니다.



Our beers are best served cold, around 6-8°C, the rule here is simple, the more alcohol volume in a beer, the lower the ideal temperature of serving. Stronger beers are usually sipped slowly, so that the fresh aroma and complex flavour can be enjoyed, milder beers are usually drank as a refreshment.


우리의 맥주는 6-8°C의 차가운 온도에서 최상의 맛을 가집니다. 여기서 가장 중요한 것은 맥주의 알코올 함유양이 높을수록 서빙 시의 온도가 낮아야 한다는 것입니다. 강한 맛의 맥주는 보통 더 천천히 마시면서 신선한 아로마와 함께 복합적인 풍미를 즐기실 수 있습니다. 좀 더 마일드한 맥주는 보통 가벼운 음료로 마시게 됩니다.