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IPA ABV 6.0% / IBU 47

The IPA, the touchstone of all modern craft beers, is synonymous with lush hoppy flavors and tropical aromatics. It’s a strong beer that’s revered for its bold flavors and often consumed more sparingly than traditional beers on account of its bitterness. However, ours’ is the best of both worlds. It’s the Czech interpretation of an American IPA, making it lighter in body while remaining rich in flavor thanks to its insatiable herbal sweetness and crisp finish.

Pale Lager


Pale Lager 4.7% ABV / IBU 22

The beer that launched a thousand beers. Our Pale Lager is the epitome of traditional beer making culture in its purest form. From its translucent golden color to its crisp malty sweetness—there’s a reason why all great beers were once lagers, and all great lagers stand on Czech shoulders. Legacy is a virtue.



Milk Stout ABV 4.8 / IBU 23

This elegant, buttery dark beer is for those who enjoy drinking in the comfort of their thoughts—slow and deliberate. A style first popularized by English brewers, stouts have since become a craft staple due to their richly roasted flavor and creamy body. However, as a dark beer, stouts are often best drank in lower quantities on account of their richness, which is why we’ve brewed ours to have the body of a summer beer while still maintaining the chocolate-like sweetness stout lovers crave.



Wit 4.7% ABV / IBU 16

The original flavored beer; Witbier or “white beer” hails from the Dutch-speaking region of northern Belgium known as Flanders, and is named on account of the wheat used to create its cloudy blonde hue and honey-like aftertaste. Yet unlike its German counterpart, Weissbier, Belgian varieties are famed for their adoption of exotic ingredients such as dried fruits and herbs, and ours is no exception. In addition to following a traditional recipe, our Witbier is brewed using a mixture of coriander seeds and Jeju oranges, resulting in a savory citrus blend that’s as purifying as it is indulgent.